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Busy Schedule? Teeth-in-an-Hour May Help

Caring for your teeth takes more than regular brushing and flossing to keep them in good condition. You need to be committed and diligent if you want to enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Although everyone knows how important proper oral care is, some people seem to be finding ways to excuse themselves from their [...]

Busy Schedule? Teeth-in-an-Hour May Help2013-04-16T11:58:18-07:00

Teeth in an Hour: Silencing the Skeptics

New teeth in just one hour? “Who would believe that?" says the skeptic. Anytime a new technology springs to our attention, there will always be people who won’t believe in it. It’s normal to start questioning something unheard of. It’s what helps man to learn and discover. But to completely shoot down something because you [...]

Teeth in an Hour: Silencing the Skeptics2013-04-08T09:51:00-07:00
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