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Mini-Dental Implants

Part of being an expert on dental implant treatments is Dr. Matiasevich’s knowledge about one of the major categories — mini dental implants. These artificial tooth roots are simple solutions to tooth loss and have many advantages.

The difference between these and regular implants is the smaller size that makes it easier to insert and less invasive. These features also contribute to making recovery time shorter.


Mini implants are the ideal solution for patients whose mandibular (jaw) bone structures are weak or corroded. They provide the support necessary to hold your dentures in place, and rid you of the discomforts commonly associated with wearing removable dentures. It gives you more freedom to eat foods you like, and can help you feel more at ease during social gatherings. Some additional benefits include:

  • Placement is relatively pain-free and less invasive
  • Recovery process is faster
  • Increases your confidence and allows you to relax in social situations
  • Allows you to speak and laugh naturally
  • Can last for more than two decades with proper care
  • Can support dentures or support full replacement for missing teeth


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“It’s a wonderful service. They hold up well. The first thing to do is just find out whether you’re a candidate or not. Most people are generally for mini dental implants. It’s really neat.”


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