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Root Canal Testimonials

Root canal reviews by patients of Santa Cruz dentist, Robert Matiasevich Jr. DDS.

Root Canal

It went fantastic. They did a root canal and I didn’t have any pain, or swelling. It was the smoothest, fastest operation, no waiting. It was just a great experience. […]

Root Canal2016-02-23T18:32:04-08:00


"I went to 3 dentists in Santa Cruz before finding Dr. Bob. My previous dental experiences were a nightmare. Dr. Bob performed two root canals, and I was amazed at how (dare I say...) pleasant the experience was. Not at all what I expected after the typical root canal horror stories I've heard. After years [...]


Root Canal

"Friendly staff, attentive to special needs. the TV with Planet Earth playing was excellent to focus on during the procedure..... a great experience... oh ya and no pain!!!"

Root Canal2010-06-02T22:25:49-07:00


"Can't say I'd sign up for a root canal to visit, but if I have to have one this is the place!" -Randy

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