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Denture testimonials

Dentures Review

Dr. Matiasevich spent a good half hour with me going over all the different dentures, implants, and what I wanted…in the end he did a fantastic job. The dentures look very natural, which made me feel more confident. […]

Dentures Review2016-02-14T15:29:52-08:00

Dangerous Denture Cream

Denture cream.  A phrase many people don't even like to say, let alone admit they use.  However, if you are one of the millions of people using denture creams, you’re already aware they taste bad, smell bad and are generally messy.  I have never had a patient tell me they like to use denture cream. [...]

Dangerous Denture Cream2010-12-06T15:46:02-08:00

Full mouth reconstruction

Dr. Matiasevich is very friendly, with an excellent staff and state of the art technology. […]

Full mouth reconstruction2016-02-23T18:28:55-08:00
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