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Stay Relaxed for Oral Surgery with I.V. Sedation

If you are suffering from tooth loss and have long wanted to get dental implants, but are scared of the oral surgery involved in the procedure, then Santa Cruz implant dentist Dr. Robert Matiasevich, Jr. may just be the person that can end your toothless days. Dr. Matiasevich, Jr. performs teeth-in-an-hour teeth replacement in his [...]

Stay Relaxed for Oral Surgery with I.V. Sedation2014-03-01T06:48:21-08:00

Deal with the Downtime with All-on-Four

In today’s fast-paced, cost-conscious world, there’s a constant search for quick and easy, affordable dental care that’s less invasive compared to traditional procedures. Thanks to modern computer-aided dental technology, fixed restorations to replace missing teeth are becoming easier to get, with long healing and recovery periods from oral surgery becoming practically erased. Whereas before, a [...]

Deal with the Downtime with All-on-Four2014-02-19T10:02:07-08:00

Non-Invasive Treatment for Receding Gums

Having a receded gum line and exposed teeth roots may be an unpleasant sight and an uncomfortable situation to be in when it makes you sensitive to hot and cold food and yet only a few take definite steps to address the problem. Some think having receding gums is simply hereditary and cannot be avoided, [...]

Non-Invasive Treatment for Receding Gums2014-02-18T10:02:59-08:00

There’s Hope for All with Mini-Implants

A tooth that has been lost through an extraction can be replaced with a dental implant, a type of replacement tooth that consists of a titanium implant that is inserted into the mandibular or jaw bone and a dental prosthesis called a crown connected to the abutment attached to the implant. It restores not just [...]

There’s Hope for All with Mini-Implants2014-02-14T12:14:04-08:00

Replacement Teeth in as Fast as an Hour

Replacement teeth – whether it’s a crown or a bridge for a single missing tooth, dental implants, or implant-retained dentures for a full arch of missing teeth – seem to take too long to make. This is why to hear such a thing as teeth-in-an-hour may seem like a myth. But this is just exactly [...]

Replacement Teeth in as Fast as an Hour2014-02-10T07:37:49-08:00

Painless Treatment for Receding Gums

If you are one of those people who have receding gums and just simply dismiss it thinking it’s harmless, think again. Receding gums is a sign of gum disease that may eventually lead to tooth loss if left untreated. Now if you have sought a consultation and treatment for receding gums but have been scared [...]

Painless Treatment for Receding Gums2014-02-08T07:36:21-08:00
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