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The Sweet Truth about Dental Implants and Diabetes

An estimated 340 million people worldwide have diabetes. Some of its complications include increased risk for heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and eye disease. You may know that skin wound takes longer to heal, but what about bone healing. Diabetics may have longer recovery time, but it doesn’t mean they can’t have dental implants.

Why Do Many Diabetics Experience Tooth Loss?

People with diabetes are more likely to develop periodontal disease and experience tooth loss than those without the condition. Another cause is the increased risk for the elderly to develop diabetes. As patients get older, Type 2 diabetes and tooth loss becomes more prevalent.

How will Diabetes Affect Your Surgery?

We may perform most dental treatments for people with diabetes. When it comes to tooth extraction or dental implants, though, you should have a well-controlled blood sugar before we start the surgery. You may also have a longer healing period after the implant surgery. Bone healing for healthy patients normally last for six weeks. It seems, though, that patients with controlled diabetes need eight to 12 weeks to recover.

You will also need to visit us more often to make sure the healing process is going well. It may take longer for diabetic patients to heal from a surgical procedure. Researchers haven’t confirmed yet if the condition affects the healing process of the bone.

The good news is recent studies show that diabetics with controlled glucose levels are able to have successful dental implant procedures. If you’re diabetic with controlled sugar levels and interested in dental implants, call and make an appointment with us for a consultation.

Browse through the rest of our blogs to know what you can expect during dental implant surgery. We look forward to helping address your tooth loss problem through this solution soon.

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Be Informed: Dr. Matiasevich’s Free Seminar about Dental Implants

Dental implants are revolutionary procedures in modern dentistry. Unfortunately, many people still have little knowledge about this treatment for tooth loss. That’s why our own Dr. Matiasevich Jr. will provide a free public seminar for those who want to learn more about dental implants and their benefits.

Dr. Matiasevich Jr. is dedicated to providing the best services for all your dental needs. Driven with this principle, he decided to set up a free seminar to educate people about dental implants, its importance, and benefits. You may expect many things from this seminar, which aims:

To Inform

Informing the public about the importance and benefits of dental implants is one of the main objectives of Dr. Matiasevich Jr. He and his team will present facts about this innovative dental procedure. You may expect to get reliable information and references that will allow you to appreciate its importance.

To Increase Awareness

Most patients are not aware of the important things they should do to improve their dental health. Dr. Matiasevich Jr. may discuss about the steps involved in implant dentistry and the proper ways of caring for your implants. He and his team will give useful tips on good oral hygiene and everything you should know about it.

To Answer Queries

Answering common questions and eliminating the common misconceptions about dental implants are among the main purposes of conducting this seminar. There will be a question and answer portion during or right after the event. You are free to raise your questions, and Dr. Matiasevich Jr. will gladly provide sensible answers and explain them thoroughly.

To Provide a Free Consultation

You may enjoy a free consultation with Dr. Matiasevich Jr. when you participate in this seminar. He will help you find out whether dental implants are the best solutions for your tooth loss problems. He will assess your current oral health condition and may suggest other procedures if implants are not appropriate. This way, you may be sure that you will get the right treatment for your specific problems.

Call (877) 899-9741 or 831-440-7577 to inquire and reserve a seat.

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